JGT named one of Philly’s 40 Under 40

philweekly 010.jpg
Philadelphia’s smoothest quizmaster put another feather in his cap recently when he was named one of Philadelphia’s 40 Under 40 by socialphilly.com. But it was one of the other guys on the list who has captured our imagination. Anthony DiMeo, or “DIII”, as he calls himself, made a name for himself when he sued former Philly Weekly writer Jessica Pressler earlier this year. I believe the charge was “teasing”. Pressler made fun of a Christmas card he had sent out, so he sued her for $50,000. “DIII”‘s website is absolutely priceless, as “DIII” tries to encourage people to let him manage their wealth, while at the same time discussing his acting roles and his blueberry picking. Yes, “DIII” is a blueberry heir, which leads to the most priceless sentence on the website: “The primary duty of managing and supervising the crop harvest was not an easy task, considering the number of migrant workers involved in the picking process.” “DIII” is my new favorite Philadelphia celebrity, which is saying a lot when you realize how much I like myself.