“They’d better bring weapons”

This is mayor Ben Morris of Slidell, Louisiana talking about what a supreme failure FEMA is, and that if they keep slowing things down, they better be prepared to bring guns. This is good stuff. If you don’t have audio, just click below to read the transcript.

“is faced with some of the most incredible, incredible stupid, ignorant regulations by FEMA. They have turned generators away from us. They?ve turned fuel away from us because they determine, or the driver determined, that it wasn?t the correct spot to put it. The generators ? oh, the site hadn?t been inspected yet. We?ve gotta bring an inspector to see where the thing is going. You know, bring me generators. We in a catastrophic situation, and that is absolutely incredible. We have heard that FEMA or some federal agencies are going around seizing equipment from our contractors, etc. If they do that, they?d better bring weapons, because I?ll be goddamned if I?m gonna give anything up to a bunch of feds coming in, and we in a catastrophic situation, and taking our stuff. And I am really pissed off and I?m getting tired of this. They need to start doing things that make sense and quit all this horse shit that doesn?t mean a damn thing to anybody except some bureaucrat in Washington.”