And now for the weird s***

Not everybody thinks that Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster. Some think it was a man made disaster, an opportunity for the illuminati to impose their will on the people. Take this, from niburu:
the Illuminati plan is to create maximum chaos to instill maximum fear to create a sense of maximum dependency on authority. They want multi-levelled chaos to justify the imposition of marshal law, ?holding? (concentration) camps, centralised dictatorship, and the Orwellian global state in all its forms. The engineered terrorism and the ?war on terrorism? are, in this regard, part of the same agenda that includes crashing the world economy, bringing the United States into conflict with China, and ?natural? catastrophes like New Orleans.
Well worth checking out the whole page. Completely insane. Well, this got me off on a tangent about weather seeding, because the conspiracy websites tend to think that’s how it was done. Turns out that Malaysia recently tried cloud seeding to put out a fire, and Russia used it to assure a sunshiney day when they had a military parade in 2003.
Another crackpot theory: The hurricane was God’s ways at showing his anger at homosexuality. Southern Decadence, a gay pride parade, was scheduled for the past week, and was stopped by the hurricane. Repent America, the same organization that protested at the Phillies game last month, believes that the hurricane is God’s way of punishing a ‘wicked city’. Hey Repent America, Jerry Springer called. He needs some ignorant white trash for his next show, and he thinks you guys will be perfect.