Good Luck Phils!

Just want to warn everyone playing quizzo this week. I wore the same Phillies shirt on Friday and Sunday, both wins. I will be wearing it again tonight to the game. If they win tonight, I will obviously be wearing it until they lose. There will be no washing of the shirt until we lose. It’s the least I can do to help get my team to the playoffs.

On Friday night, I did my finger thing, which originated when I was young and rooting for a team that was losing by three in the tenth inning. I crossed my arms and rubbed my thumb and middle finger together consistently. My team hit a grand slam in the tenth. I’ve been using it in very important games ever since, and it paid off for the Phils on Friday. Of course, it’s not the kind of thing you take lightly. I would never do the finger thing during games in May or June. I did it last year in October, however, and helped the Red Sox defeat the hated New york Yankees. I didn’t feel like they needed it in the World Series, though, so I didn’t dilute it’s powers. I’ll be trying to do the same this year with the Phils. Women who are reading this are thinking, “See, this proves that men are completely out of their minds.” Men who are reading it are thinking, “Does the finger thing work in football games, too?” Here’s a good article on baseball superstition.