Best Haikus

Boy, narrowing down the haikus to the best one’s was awfully tough, because there were so many really, really awful haikus. But here’s the one’s I liked best. Vote for ’em on the right.

The Funk:
Purple, orange, blue
Colors bring calm. Then, panic:
Doc, check out this rash

Darth Voolfie:
Saturday night smooth
Chattin’ up babes at the club
spankin’ it again

Jim F.:
Shiver me timbers,
Pirate life is blessed indeed.
Where’s my parrot now?

Oh iPod nano…
I always kiss you goodnight.
I need a girlfriend.

Eric: (one of Miranda’s students)
I don’t want to write.
Mondays make me real tired.
Saturday’s the best.

Leigh Anne:
The City of Brotherly
Love Handles: eat up!

George W. Bush
Mission Accomplished? Yeah, right.
Where is Osama?

Darth Ern:
What’s a Liberal?
That’s a Liberal!