Teams with ten points

IMG_3236 (Custom).JPG
Here’s the teams that have earned their two bonus points (Remember you get 8 bonus points just by buying tix early). If you earned any extra points and are not on this list, please contact me at Also, for the record, this is not Quizzo Bowl II. Quizzo Bowl II will be held in January. Quizzo Bowl is a very classy event, meant only for members of high society. Beat the Champs will not be classy at all. In fact, it will be remarkable primarily for it’s lack of class. The bouergoise are welcome to attend, and to teach me how to spell bouergeouise.
Trust Us, We Know
Sofa Kingdom
Team w/ Eric and Andi
Missing Heads
Lance Armstrong and the Dirty Urine Samples
River of Rocks
Cracked Eggheads
Trivia Art’s Team

If you wanna earn bonus points via scavenger hunt, I’m gonna be somewhat forgiving. Just shoot me a photo of you with your item or a link to your craigslist posting to by midnight tonight. Please tell me your team name when you send me the email. After a slow start, ticket sales have really picked up lately, so this should be a really wild event! I can’t wait!