“Screw New Orleans” says Fox

I was watching FOXNews last night to see the coverage of Katrina. There were several guys at a table, talking about how the rest of the country shouldn’t be responsible for something that happens in the south. “This is the price they pay for living in paradise. Why should a person who shovels their driveway all winter have to take care of person who took a chance by living in a place that they know has hurricanes?” The argument was that our tax dollars shouldn’t be used to bail out New Orleans. What??? Should we just use 100% of our tax dollars for killing people and none for helping people? War good…Helping Fellow Man bad. Is this really how conservatives think, or was this just an aberration? That wasn’t even the most ridiculous thing I saw on the news last night. On MSNBC, they had one of their shows “Coming to you live from Aruba, where there have been some major developments in the Natalee Holloway case.” Are you serious? What are you guys gonna do next? “Bummer about that hurricane, but we’re coming to you live from Havana, where there have been some major developments in the Elian Gonzalez case.” Meanwhile the storm gives us ample opportunity to revisit an old debate, as some scientists think that global warming had something to do with Katrina’s intensity. Here’s an interesting piece in attytood about the federal government cutting funds in hurricane budgets, at least partially to ensure their tax cuts. Looking to help? Here’s where you can send money and volunteer your time.