Quizzo for the Cause

Hey gang, I’m gonna be charging a buck to play quizzo for the rest of this week, and probably next week as well. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross to aid with the epic disaster in New Orleans. We were able to raise $250 for Africa in July, and I hope we can raise even more this time. By the way, I’ve been meaning to post the letter I received from Action Against Hunger after we donated that money. If you would like to read the letter I received thanking us for our donation, read below.

Dear Johnny and the philadelphia quizzo community,

Thank you very much for generously donating $250.00 to Action Against Hunger!

With humanitarian needs now more urgent than ever, we are grateful for your support as we strive to combat hunger and restore self-sufficiency for those faced with war, conflict, and natural disasters.

Your gift of $250.00 contributes directly to our low-cost, life-saving programs in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, and health care, and truly makes you part of our struggle to save the lives of vulnerable populations.

As you may already know, we assist over 5 million lives a year but, with 840 million people suffering from hunger and over 1.1 billion lacking sufficient drinking water, there is much work to be done. Your ongoing support is crucial in order to expand our programs and help more people get back on their feet. And as an organization committed to using our resources as efficiently as possible — 91 cents of every dollar go directly into our innovative programs — we appreciate your support and work hard to translate our fundraising(and your generosity) directly into lives saved.

Your help makes a difference in the lives of people whose survival depends on humanitarian aid. On their behalf, I thank you for being an essential part of our life-saving efforts.

Cathy Skoula
Executive Director, AAH