Where’s Johnny Takes Commanding Lead

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Where’s Johnny took a rather commanding lead in the Doc Watson’s Big Money Bonanza, but there is still plenty of time for a couple of other teams to make a comeback. The Quizzo Bowl champs held off the Dropkick Finkelstein’s who came in second for the 2nd straight week. The Holy Pontiffs finished third to remain withing striking distance. Here are the standings after four weeks, with four weeks left to play.
1st-Where’s Johnny-18 points
2nd-The Holy Pontiffs-14 points
3rd-Johnny Makes Me Wanna-8 points
3rd-Dropkick Finkelsteins-8 points
5th-The Wanderers-3 points
6th-Claire Huxtable-2 points
6th-Corner of the Bar-2 points
6th-Jolly Bengali’s-2 points
6th-We Put the FU in Fun-2 points