Let’s look at your kitchen

Kry1 (Custom).jpg
Hey, former BTNJGT contestant Krystyna is participating in the fringe festival, and needs pics of people’s kitchens. Here’s the scoop.
As a possible addition to my presentation of The
Kitchen, for the Philly Fringe, I would like to fill
the space, be that walls or video, with photographs of
kitchens. If any one has a digital camera or such
media to photo and e-mail these pictures for
consideration I would appreciate it. Please note your
name, if you want your name mentioned or anonymous,
and contact info for records.
Please e-mail kys_4@yahoo.com
Also, do not be afraid to be daring yet honest. Human
(what the hell, and pets) inclusion is great,
particularly in a normal kitchen activity. As time
goes on I will inform those participants whose photos
will be displayed and in what format.