Tonight’s Contestants

Edge and Moose will be making an appearnace tonight at the Good Dog, while Jam Master Sean will be at the Bards. I highly suggest clicking on “Continue Reading” to read Sean’s piece. It’s hilarious. As with the other contestants, they had to tell what three people they’d like to have dinner with, and why.
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Moose: Because we are unable to invite the entire Wu-Tang Clan I have tried to make a list of folks who at least will provide me with decent dinner conversation. First I would invite Ralph Ellison because he is my favorite author and one of my favorite books is Invisible Man (if you haven’t read it, DO IT!) This would give me a chance to discuss working a theatrical version of his great work and maybe others. Next I would love to sit down with Japanese great Akira Kurosawa, I love all of his work, and would love to hear more on his process of film making as being the next JGT is not my only interest. Lastly, and this is the most personal to me; Gabriel Union, so that maybe she will spend some time with me after dinner, maybe…

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If I could invite three people of my choosing for
dinner, one would have to be Bil Keane. That guy who
writes the Family Circus. I hate that guy. I don’t
hate him personally, but I hate his art. This would
give me a chance to see if I actually do hate the guy.

Number two would be Jessica Simpson. So I can maybe
punch her in the face. Because I see her everywhere
and it drives me crazy. She’s in the Dukes of Hazard
movie. I used to love the Dukes of Hazzard. Now
she’s not only ruined TV, radio, and Billboards but
the Dukes of Hazard as well. I find her to be the
most annoying person in the entire world.

The last person, I guess, would have to be someone
kind of neutral who hopefully would take my side if I
have trouble taking down the old guy or the
girl(should the need arise). So I’ll pick Hulk Hogan.
There would be nothing sweeter than watching Jessica
Simpson tremble at the table while the Hulkster asks
her “watcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you”
while Bill Keane draws a picture of his grandkids
doing something stupid.

Then we could watch “No Holds Barred” or “Santa With
Muscles”. At least me and the Hulkster. Maybe Bil
Keane. Simpson goes.

Doesn’t seem that great now that I think about it.