Finally! (Again)

SupportRibbonMagnet (Custom).jpg
A website dedicated to how stupid those “Support our Troops” stickers are on cars. (You should see how many of these ridiculous things I see on cars when I’m in Virginia. Honestly, some cars have like three of them, I guess indicating that the driver supports the troops three times as much as some dolt who only spent the $2 for one measly sticker.) No, I’m not anti-troops, but this is really the most meaningless message ever. Do you think anybody is riding down the road, thinking “Damn those troops, I’ll never support them” and then they see one of these bumper stickers and think, “you know what? I’ve had a change of heart. I think I will support our troops.” I got an idea for a sticker. How about, “Support the Sun.” If you’ve got any good ideas for vague, meaningless stickers, feel free to make a comment below.