The Kid Goes to O’Neals

TheKid (Custom).jpg
The Kid will be on tap tonight at O’Neals. Here’s what he learned in his first time as quizmaster:
On Tuesday night May 3, 2005 I had my first crack at hosting the Wild Card for Quizzo. I must say, hosting Quizzo was awesome time! Working as a mortgage broker I tend to do a lot of public speaking, but most of the time the crowd is very quiet and subdued. I also had some stage experience where I had to learn how to deal with very LOUD crowds, but that was a little different then Quizzo. It was a lot of fun meeting everyone at Bards and experiencing what it is like to be on the other side of the microphone. I learned quite a few things for my first time, such as; speak in a loud but clear voice, speak slow but not to slow, try to keep things moving, try not
to get in too many side bar conversations or just wait until the end of the round, HAVE FUN because that is why everyone is there for, and just laugh at the silly outbursts from the crowd. Thank you again Johnny for this opportunity and I look forward to hosting again!!!!!