Remember when…

A bunch of us tried out for that gameshow at the casting agency? Well, I finally read about it today in Dan Gross’s column. I guess this means we didn’t make the cut.
Sixers dancer Krystal Tini is one of the beauties in the pilot episode of “Beauty and the Geek.”
Ashton Kutcher and Cherry Hill native J.D. Roth are among producers of the show, which pairs brains and beauties to tutor each other in their strong suits all while competing for prizes.
Tini, 21, a four-year dance-team member, didn’t meet Kutcher, but does agree that the actor resembles Sixer Kyle Korver.
Tini will hold a viewing party at her house. She works at a South Philly children’s-clothing store.
A few local guys will also appear as geeks on the WB program, which premiers June 1.