Gervase to Host Reality Quizzo

In a devastasting blow to Johnny’s Quizzo Empire, he is now facing heat from former “Survivor” contestant Gervase, who will be hosting Reality Show Quizzo at Finn McCool’s (12th and Sansom) on Wednesday. (By the way, you can see Johnny at Finn’s every Monday at 10 p.m., hosting comedy open mic.) Also, MJ from Real World said that he hates Philly, which leads to an argument I had with a friend of mine a while back: should Philly have treated the Real World cast like the whiny glory hogs they are, or should we have treated them well, so young people would want to move to the city? He said that the city needs young people, and that by confirming our reputation as a bunch of rude degenerates, we were going to keep them away. I said that anybody who wants to move to Philly because MJ lived here should be stabbed in the neck with a pencil, and I’d rather not have them here. What do you think?