The Grand Inquizzanator’s Acceptance Speech

7-20quizzo 010 (Custom).jpg
The Grand Inquizzator (AKA “Upper GI”, AKA Inquizzanator, AKA Roy S.) would
like to take this opportunity not only to refer to himself in the third person, but
also to sincerely thank each and every person who cast a vote on his behalf. I
hereby humbly accept the office of Rear Vice-Admiral in Charge of Pub Knowledge. As RVACPK, I swear to uphold the notoriously loose moral constructs set forth by Mr. Goodtimes himself at the onset of his despotic reign.
And I furthermore swear to concede the throne of Quizzo back to JGT upon his return, provided he is not killed by one of the dolphins he will be working with. Of course, dolphins are notoriously bloodthirsty animals; thus, the probability of his survival is certainly no more than 50%. Therefore, assuming his death in advance, I hereby pledge 4% of all future Quizzo earnings to whomever amongst his surviving relatives can successfully prosecute me for having trained the killer dolphins. Once again, thank you all for voting me, your better, into this most esteemed office. I find you all very attractive. No, seriously.