Grand Inquizzanator Responds!

The Grand Inquizzator quickly responded to Art’s last minute plea with the following:

I’m not in charge of the website. I couldn’t post a photo if my life depended
on it (unless Trivia Art showed me how). I’ve known JGT for about a year tops.
But when I was born, my mother took me in her arms whilst watching Jeopardy and explained to me my destiny. Aged only 12 days, I somehow grasped every word. I would do quizzo. Then we watched Alien. The connection may have been tenuous, but nonetheless I understood that this man Art, who I’d never met (and still haven’t) was the Alien, come to supplant the innards of red-blooded Americans with the demon seed of mediocre trivia.. Now, mere minutes from fulfilling my destiny, that same Alien would have you believe that he is the torch-bearer of quality Philly Quizzo. It just ain’t so, folks. Vote for the Great Enunciator, the Inquizzator. Like I said, I really need this gig. Plus, some small payoffs might be arranged as well. PS – I’ll be famous soon, and we’ll be friends forever, I promise!