Trivia Art Makes Last Minute Plea to Voters!

If you like, Vote Trivia Art!

  • I am the man behind the web site, behind the Photoshopping, adding celebrities and otherwise altering dozens of Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Spectacular Winners.
  • I was there at the beginning of the Goodtimes movement back when our man Johnny was just a sports quiz guy.
  • I am the candidate to be at the helm as Johnny heads south to club Mexican seals, or whatever it is that he does down there.
  • I have the trivia background, even a catchy name .
  • I promise to hold sacred the Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Spectacular and never again, do a DotCom themed True/False round.
  • And although I admit, I’m no Johnny Goodtimes, I ask yourself, are you better off now than a year ago when there was no

Vote Trivia Art the Next Johnny Goodtimes.