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Take 30 Seconds to Get Your Football Picks In!

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Hey gang, we’re giving away a free Shibe Sports shirt in a contest with the Philly Influencer. All you have to do is click here, enter your email address and pick three players….whoever has the most points from their 3 players wins the shirt! Just that easy.

Pics and Scores of This Week’s WInners



  1. Open Face Double Stuffed Oreo 107
  2. There’s No I in Quizzo 91
  3. Quizteama Aguilera 80


  1. Dames 117
  2. Jerks 101
  3. Jawns 91



  1. Tempura House 124
  2. Escape From Irma 123
  3. Great Alaskan Bush Company 115


  1. Duane’s World 123
  2. Jitney Spears 115
  3. 21 to Drink 108
  4. Mein Drumpf 108


IMG_0185 (1)

  1. Governor Quiz Quiztie 100
  2. Why Can’t Us 89
  3. Resting Bitch Game Face 85



  1. Princess Diana’s Racing Crew 127
  2. Carl Lago 118
  3. The Juice is Loose 114



  1. CGA 117
  2. When Harvey Met Irma 101
  3. The Only Ones Here 95

Question of the Week


The first self service grocery store opened in Memphis on September 6th, 1916. What was it called?

JGTAI Kicks Off Tonight!

autumn invitational

JGTAI starts tonight! Start earning points at Sidecar and O’Neals at 8, and City Tap House at 10:15. Hope to see ya tonight!

Quizzo Tonight

We kick it off at Sidecar and O’Neals at 8 p.m. Just a heads up that I have an event at Nova that ends at 7:30, so we may be starting a bit closer to 8:30.

On to City Tap House at 10:15. Back to School theme. Hope to see ya tonight!

Back to School Week This Week

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Young people across the country are starting to head back to school this week and next, and so we are going to be doing a “Back to School” theme at quizzo this week. All questions will be about school. We’re also partnering with the PPEHRC again, and I would GREATLY appreciate you guys bringing in some school supplies we can donate to local students in need.  If you are not playing this week, but would still like to donate, we will have a donation box at Shibe Sports, and anyone who donates there will get $5 off anything in the store. I know we’ve got a giving group, and would love to present our friend Cheri Honkala with a large stash of school supplies. Thanks in advance, and I’ll see ya this week!

Quizzo This Week

Alright kiddos, some of you may have noticed new quizmasters last night. Jam Master Phil will be hosting again tonight at the Vous and at Founding Fathers. I will be heading back tmrw and will host tmrw night (JMP will host at Birra.) No Question of the Week this week. See ya soon!

Question of the Week

Victor Fleming, circa 1933. Courtesy Photofest.

Who quit directing The Wizard of Oz so he could direct Gone With the Wind?


Our Annual Dude Hates Cancer Fundraiser Starts Tonight!


Hey gang, we’re kicking off our annual Dude Hates Cancer Fundraiser tonight. We’ll have raffle tickets for sale…$5 each or 6 for $20. Whoever wins the raffle will get 24 gift certificates to 24 of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. Basically free dinner twice a month for the next year. Not a bad deal. More importantly, all of the money raised goes to fight blood cancer. We’ve had a long relationship with these guys, they do a terrific job of raising money for a tremendous cause, and I am excited to work with them again this year.

The Alfred Hitchcock Round


Here’s a round from Sunday’s quiz at Heritage, the Hitchcock round.

I’ll give you the names of two stars, then give you a hint about the film title or at least part of the title that has nothing to do with the film. For example, if I said, “Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery; Hint is Jaden’s parents.” You’d write down “Mr and Mrs. Smith.”

1. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. HINT: Ready to Die

2. Jimmy Stewart and John Dahl; HINT: you’ll find it in the game of Clue.

3. Ray Milland and Grace Kelly; HINT: technically it’s the number 6.

4. Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day; HINT: no one can ever accuse Trump of being this.

5. Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh; HINT: Sid Vicious

6. Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak; HINT: it’s a problem in part of the vestibular system.

7. Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren; HINT: you might hear Eagles fans discussing them.

8. Carie Grant, Eva Marie Saint; HINT: Little Kanye

9. Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly; HINT: you’d put your Calvin pissing on the Cowboys logo decal here.

10. Robert Donat, Madeline Carrol; HINT: 33 less than the Art Museum.

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Here’s where we stand heading into this week’s quizzes:


  • Quiz Quiztie
  • Synchronized Trampoline
  • Duane’s World
  • Tempura House
  • CGA
  • Motor City of Brotherly Love
  • In the Lead
  • Jacobites for Destruction
  • Comey Chameleon
  • Popesack


  • Jitney Spears
  • Jeff Sessions is a Goblin
  • Jerk and a Squirt
  • Jawn of the Dead
  • Must Love Pogs

And of course we’ve got several oppurtunities to earn an invite this week at wild card week. Any team that wins earns an automatic invite to the event, going down this Sunday at Heritage.

Question of the Week

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.33.58 PM

What 2007 documentary was about two jump rope teams, the Bouncing Bulldogs and the Double Dutch Forces?


JGTSI Final Rankings: Invites Going Out


Here ya go, our final rankings from the JGTSI. Invites will be going out today. If you didn’t get an invite, there is still hope: any team that wins next week will get earn an automatic invite. I also know for a fact that a few teams currently on the bubble are almost certainly gonna get in.

Teams in orange have been invited, teams in green have accepted their invitation, teams in the blue are on the bubble.

Looking at scores of the past few weeks, your best bets to get a win appear to be O’Neals, City Tap House, and Birra. Good luck!

(There is one team I do not have contact info for: Jeff Sessions is a Goblin. If you see this, please shoot me a line at johnny at and let me know if you can make it.)

This Week’s Winners



  1. In the Lead 106
  2. Snoochie Moochie’s 85
  3. Scaramucci’s Resume 75


  1. Prolapsed Ninjas 122
  2. Jawn Claude Van Damme 102
  3. Sadie’s Bitches 78



  1. Underground Bard 96
  2. I’ll Pray for Our Child 83
  3. Illuminati by Nature 79



  1. Wish You Were Beer 114
  2. Pete Rose to the Occasion 112
  3. Synch Tramp 98


  1. Must Love Pogs 111
  2. Duane’s World 110
  3. Jitney Spears 94



  1. Governor Quiz Quiztie 114
  2. Popesack 113
  3. Why Can’t Us 110



  1. Dykstra’s Savings and Loan 114
  2. Count Ejacula 108
  3. “God, I’m So Embarrassed Right Now” 104



  1. CGA 118
  2. Abducted Aussie 93
  3. My Trivia Partner 84