Quizzo Sign Ups for Week of May 18

Sign ups are live for this week’s regular quizzes! Even if you’re not in the World Cup, you can still have fun with your friends and play with some of our best quizmasters, all for just $30 per team.

For those of you who haven’t done so before, the game is played as follows: you and up to 7 of your teammates join a quizmaster in Zoom, who asks you three rounds of 8 questions each and keeps your score.

Keeping Track of Your Tourney Games and Standings

Just wanted to make sure that you guys knew where to find the scores updated throughout the week. You can go to the Tournament tab on the right, open that page, then hit results. Or you can just go here and click the “Group Play Schedule” tab at the bottom. You can also check the standings the same way, or click here and hit “Standings” at the bottom.

Meet the Quizmaster: Blake Wexler

Excited to start a new quizmaster this week. Blake Wexler is a very funny comedian from Philly who is now based in LA. I know that my comedian buddies aren’t getting a ton of work these days, and that they make for terrific quizmasters. So I reached out to Blake and was thrilled when he said yes, because I knew that people would think their quiz was being hosted by Penn Badgley from the Netflix show YOU (see below). Blake joins the team this week, and does have some availability if anybody is looking to play!

Profession: Comedian

List three of your favorite places in Philly. Sardine Bar, Mitchell and Ness*, Helium Comedy Club

What one album would you want with you on a desert island? Boys and Girls in America by The Hold Steady

What reality show would you be an absolutely terrible contestant on? Last Comic Standing

What would be your theme music if you were a professional wrestler? Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift

What famous person do people tell you that you look the most like? The murderer from Netflix’s “YOU”

What would be your dream job? Mr. Wonderful’s assistant

What was the worst job you ever had? Liquor store cashier

What show/movie/series should people be watching while quarantined? What We Do in the Shadows

What’s your favorite dessert? Cheesecake

*very funny. Jerk.

Meet Your Quizmaster: Erin Herschberger, aka Quizmistress Unit

I saw Erin host her quarantine quiz a few weeks ago on zoom and even though it’s a totally different quiz, I knew it would be great to have her on the team. She does a terrific job hosting and has a lot of fun with it. Was thrilled when she agreed to join. You can learn a bit about her below.

Profession: Virtual educator / administrator by day, virtual quizzo and bingo host by night.

List three of your favorite places in Philly. Grey Lodge Pub, Dan Campos Fitness, Jetro Lot.

What one album would you want with you on a desert island? Jay-Z – The Black Album.

What reality show would you be an absolutely terrible contestant on? I’d be terrible on any reality show because I actually AM here to make friends!

What would be your theme music if you were a professional wrestler? Public Enemy – Sophisticated Bitch

What famous person do people tell you that you look the most like? Jazz legend Marcus “The Worm” Hicks.

What would be your dream job? First female host of Family Feud.

What was the worst job you ever had? Any job is the worst when you wake up on Monday morning.

What show/movie/series should people be watching while quarantined? I’m always the absolute last to hop on a show’s bandwagon, so I am probably not the voice of reason here. I’m currently watching The Sopranos for the first time and rewatching Perfect Strangers.

What’s your favorite dessert? The tears of my enemies. If that’s not available, creme brûlée.


Chip Chantry

J Michael DeAngelis

Watch (and Play) Tonight’s Championship Game Live!

The Synchronized Trampoline (Locust Rendezvous) takes on the Social Distance Warriors (O’Neals) tonight at 8:30, and you’re invited to watch live! And what the hell, why not play along for fun? Here’s a link to a three round scoresheet you can print out and play along. Just go to Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo on Facebook and we should be live at 8:30. In addition to the championship game, we’ll also have Steve O of Lambda playing keyboard between rounds. This has all the makings of an awesome time. Or a total train wreck that you can mock me about for the next month. Either way, YOU WIN!

Huge Quizzo Weekend Coming Up!

Folks, we’re headed to one of the biggest weekends in quizzo history, with a championship game Saturday night, two Sunday quizzes, and sign ups for the Quizzo Cup. Here’s the lineup:

Friday Night: JGT Quizzo Hostess Erin hosts her own really fun Friday night quiz every week at 5:30 PM that includes a Family Feud round that my wife DOMINATED last week. See ya there!

Saturday Night Championship Game: The Synchronized Trampoline (Locust Rendezvous) and the Social Distance Warriors (O’Neals) are going head to head on Saturday night for the Tourney title, and you’re invited to attend. We’re going to be airing it live on the Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Facebook Page at 8:30 on Saturday night (if the technology gods allow). And you’re welcome to play along from home! I’ll have details for how you can sign up for a scoresheet tmrw afternoon on the FB page, and Steve O of Lambda will be playing piano between rounds.

Sunday Night Quiz: We’ve got two chances to play on Zoom on Sunday night. We’re up to 23 teams so far, but do have room for a few more. You can sign up here, for teams of 2-8 players. It’s a fun twist on the regular quiz.

Quizzo Cup: We’re up 31 teams signed up for the Quizzo World Cup so far, and would love to get up to 48. We’re going to have a ton of fun with this thing. Stats, team badges, team logos, team uniforms. Let’s get as ridiculous as possible. Signs ups go until Sunday at 11:59.

Sign Up for the World Cup of Quizzo!

Hoooo my goodness, looks like it’s time for our first ever World Cup of Quizzo!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been having a blast exploring the new Virtual Quizzo world with you all, and your feedback has been overwhelmingly uplifting. So, as promised, we’re pleased to roll out our first official Virtual Quizzo “season”, starting Monday, May 4th. The league will be built World Cup-style- you register your team, and you’ll be randomly assigned to a Group with 3 other teams to start the season. Here’s the breakdown:

3-Week Regular Season (single-team format)

Each week your team will play in a single-team session where it’s just you and the host- the same format we’ve been doing every weeknight during this pandemic. You’ll be shooting for a high score as always, but you’ll also be playing “against” another team in your group, trying to rack up a strong win-loss-tie record in the Group Play standings.

Tournament Play (head-to-head format)

Depending on how many teams register, we’ll have at least one tournament bracket with seedings based on win-loss-tie records and total average scores. These games will be played in a head-to-head format using two breakout rooms in Zoom.

In summary, every team will play a minimum of 4 games- 3 regular season, and at least one tournament game. The deeper you go in the tourney, the better your value.

The Price: $160 per team. Yeah it’s slightly more than you’re paying for a quiz now (unless you advance in the tourney), but in return we’re going to add badges for accomplishments such as perfect rounds and high scores, create an overall Top 10 ranking system based on the numbers, and we’ll have some fun prizes and stuff to give away as well. You’ll also get to lock in your time for three weeks in a row instead of one.

(If you don’t wanna join the World Cup, rest assured…we will still be doing a la carte quizzes.)

Team Logo: If you are going to play, we’re going to request that you create a team logo. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I find Canva to be super user friendly for stuff like this.

Sign Up: To enter the World Cup, sign up here. To pay and lock in your slot, send $160 to @jgtquizzo on venmo or johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com on Paypal.

We’ll be posting records, stats, and all sorts of team features & highlights throughout the season. And yes, we’ll have prizes for our top teams. Whether you’re competitive or just a casual quizzer, this is sure to be the highlight of your quarantine. Register now!

Sunday Night Sign Ups!

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Sunday night quiz! A bit different than our regular quiz during the week, as all the players gather in one room, then when each round ends head off to breakout rooms where they confer with their teammates. We also feature a video round from Chip Chantry each week. We do two on Sunday nights, one with me hosting AT 7 PM and one with Carl at 8:30. We’re bumping up the number of teams each week, and this week will go up to 20 teams deep. It’s totally different questions than the one during the week, so everyone is welcome to sign up and play. Hope to see ya Sunday!


Sign Ups for This Week’s Virtual Quizzes

Hey there fam. We’ve got several openings still available for quizzes this week. You can sign up here. And heads up…we’re actually doing two different quizzes this week, so if you want to play once on Mon/Tuesday you CAN play again on Wed/Thur/Fri. Here are the ones available as of 12:30 Tuesday afternoon:


J Michael: 8:30 PM, 9:15 PM

Carl: 10 PM


J Michael: 7 PM

Carl: 10 PM


Chip Chantry: 6:15 PM, 7 PM

J Michael: 7:45 PM

Erin: 9:15 PM


J Michael: 7 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:30 PM