My Brain Just Exploded

My feelings about the group Phish are well documented. In fact, if you google “Phish Sucks”, my blog comes up 2nd, behind some blog called balloon-juice (That’s right kids, my blog is almost as popular as balloon juice!) So I have to admit that this video has thrown me for a bit of a loop (as has the fact that my old-school hip hop brothers in arms, Koob and the Sandman, both like Phish). Needless to say, I think Jay Z is one of the best rappers of the past 15 years (though not a big fan of “Big Pimpin”, one of the songs he does here.) As a bitter old man trapped in a (somewhat) young man’s body, this has really thrown out of the neat and orderly, black and white way I like to look at the world. I mean, what’s next, a Toby Keith/Big Daddy Kane collaboration?