The Controversial History of the Jacuzzi

old-pink-jacuzzi-adEarlier this week I asked: “True or False, the jacuzzi is named after one of its inventors, Roy Jacuzzi”. The “one of” was important, because Roy actually came into the game late. His uncle Candido did most of the heavy lifting, but Roy put all of the pieces together to make what we today consider the jacuzzi. That is, however, disputed, as someone (apparently a Candido supporter) blasts Roy on wikipedia:

The patent for the first portable Jacuzzi was filed in 1963, Patent # 3,159,849 and also for the first self-contain Jacuzzi Whirlpool filed in 1964 and marketed in 1968 as the first Hydrotherapy Tub patente4d #3,297,025 inventor Candido Jacuzzi yet Roy is getting this credibility. However, after Jacuzzi was bought out in the late 1970’s by Kiddie, they hired Roy (young in his 20’s to remain with the last name Jacuzzi and in time he became President). During this time, the Jacuzzi’s company website and history of who invented the whirlpool was modified, changed and Roy Jacuzzi started to earn this creditability as the inventor. After 30 years, and new President in charge, the original patent #3,297,025 was sent (certified) to Jacuzzi Corporation in Chino CA. However, Jacuzzi Corporation would not discuss this issue,(return calls) correct the website history that the inventor for the Jacuzzi Whirlpool was in truth, Candido Jacuzzi.

Some inconsistencies are in that write up (I doubt that Roy modified the company website in the 1970s). But it leads to the question: Did the jacuzzi lead to a falling out among the Jacuzzis? It is interesting to note that Candido’s name is not used in the history section on the official jacuzzi website, though he is seen by many as being the inventor. I also discovered that it was pretty much a family operated business, employing 100 Jacuzzis, until it was sold to Kiddie Inc in 1979, at which point ¬†all of the Jacuzzis got out of the business except Roy, who was later was named President and CEO of the company.