Taco Night on Friday!

The Phoenix are not going to the playoffs this year. So this, then, is essentially our playoff game, against the New York Empire. Speaking personally, I don’t like the New York Empire. They’re arrogant, they’re obnoxious, and they were impossible to work with when we had to reschedule this game. And you know what else? I like not liking them. I like seeing them as our rivals. I like the fact that this game is more than just another frisbee game. This is our Cowboys game, the one that will determine if we can call the season a “success”.

And it’s gonna be damn fun. It’s Taco Night, and we’ll have delicious tacos from Tacos Los Catrines, mariachi singer El Mau, and a halftime pinata for the kids. Tickets are extremely reasonable ($12 ahead of time, $14 at the door) and the action is fast paced and fun. If you haven’t been to a game yet, come to this one. We need a big and loud crowd if we’ve got any hope of beating New York. Doors at 6, game at 7. See ya Friday night!

The Most Exciting Sports Team in Philly is Playing Saturday. Here’s Why You Should Be There.

A few months ago, I sent a message on Instagram to the Philadelphia Phoenix, asking if they would be interested in having Shibe do a shirt with them. Thus kicked off an insane adventure that, just a few months later, has me somehow a minority stake owner in a pro sports team, angrily arguing with the New York team ownership, talking to breakdancers about halftime shows, and tossing t-shirts into the crowd. It has been one hell of a ride thus far, and we’re just getting started. Our first game took place on June 4th, and we came away with a win over the Tampa Bay Cannons. Our week 2 game vs. New York was scheduled for June 11th, but after some “complications” that revolved around graduations at Philadelphia stadiums and the New York front office behaving like entitled divas (shocking right?), we had to postpone. So we head into South Philly on Saturday night for our second game, and this one is a cross state rivalry matchup with the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds. The game takes place on Saturday at 6:30. You should be there. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

  1. The primary owner is a total badass. Billy Penn did an article on her here. Her professional and charity background was certainly something that made me want to be a part of this, as was her insistence that she wanted the team to be a real community partner, a team for all Philadelphians, not the privileged few that the other pro sports typically cater themselves towards.

2. In that regard, we are honoring Philly’s heroes on Saturday night. Before the game, we are having Billy Penn award their trophies from their Billy Awards, which took place virtually. We’ll also have a young Philly hero, Semaj O’ Branty, who not only survived a heartbreaking shooting a couple of years ago but defied the odds by walking again, performing the pregame coin toss.

3. It’s a freaking party. We have Porco’s serving sandwiches, 2nd District serving beer, and Poppa’s Custard Company serving delicious dessert. We’ll have Butch Cordora there teaching people how to play poker. We’ve got the incredible Cosmo Baker DJing throughout the evening. Oh, and Breakdancing. You heard me. The Crowdpleaserz, the First Family of Philly breakdance, will be performing at halftime.

4. AND there’s an afterparty. Gotta have an afterparty. It’s going to be just a few blocks away from the stadium at Black Cat Tavern. Owner Tom is a quizzo player from way back in the day at Good Dog, and like every other bar owner in the city, got his ass kicked by COVID. Let’s pack the place on Saturday night.

5. Extremely Reasonable Price. Tickets are just $12 in advance, or $14 at the gate. Without question, the most bang for your buck at any pro sporting event in Philly. Buy your tickets here!

6. The Sport is SPECTACULAR. Seriously, the games are terrific and these guys are tremendous athletes. You get an Odell Beckham type catch every few minutes. Here are some of the best catches from Week 1 of the season. You’ll notice Phoenix star Nate Little with one of the plays.

7. The Roar of the Crowd. My favorite thing at the Week 1 game was hearing that roar. It was something I had missed so much without realizing how much I had missed it. Damn, it sounds good to hear 500 people cheering all at once.

8. These dudes are so cool. No prima donnas on this team. I’ve been around other sports teams where the guys were cocky assholes. That’s not the case here. These guys are all really freaking nice, and fun to hang out with. Really, really easy team to root for.

9. Free Parking. Lots of ways to get to the game on Saturday night. Uber, subway, biking, etc. It’s close to Broad Street. But if you do decide to drive, it’s one of the few places in the city with a free parking lot.

10. The Commonwealth Cup is On the Line! We’re taking on Pittsburgh, so you know I had to make that a spectacle. We ordered the first ever Commonwealth Cup from our friends at Spike’s Trophy’s. The winning team Saturday Night owns it for the next year.

Finally: This is the Best Live Sports Experience in Philly. Maybe I’m being obnoxious here, but I don’t really involve myself in anything unless it’s going to be the best. I want to host the best quizzo in Philly, I want to co-own with the best sports store in Philly, and now I am steadfastly determined to put on the best sporting events in Philly. That’s why the vendors are so awesome, that’s why we got the best DJ in Philly, and instead of just having people wander around during halftime, we’re putting on a show. I am hereby guaranteeing a good time for all who attend.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets here. Or you can buy them at the gate…which will be at the South Philly Supersite at 10th and Bigler. Hope to see you Saturday!