Dolphin 56


As you are well aware, I have a history with dolphins, and have a lot of worthless knowledge about bottlenose dolphins. I therefore found this article about an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin hanging out off the Jersey Shore pretty interesting, and think you might too. (By the way, don’t feed dolphins in the wild, especially off motorboats, as there is a major problem with them getting their fins caught in propellors.)

“After a few minutes, when he realized he wasn’t going to get any fish from me, he—and this is no kidding—he swam off, caught a fish in his mouth, then returned with the fish sticking out to show me,” Ritt master says. “He was saying, ‘Feed me fish! I want fish from you!’ Obviously, he was capable of catching fish for himself. So what’s another explanation for his behavior? I mean, it sort of implies he wants interaction with people.”