We’re Back! Finally.

Johnny Goodtimes Presents Future Week

Hey gang, got knocked offline two weeks ago and haven’t been able to post since. And a whoooole lot to talk about. Some I’ll be posting here and some I’ll be posting in an email I’m sending out on Friday. If you want to get the email, click here and sign up. (You should it’s a fun email I send out about every other Friday just letting people know what I’m eating, drinking, and what’s happening on the quizzo scene.) As for this week, our topic is “The Future”.

Here’s how things are going down.

  • First quizzo tonight is at Fette Sau hosted by our newest QM Steven. They’ve been doing them once a month and it’s been great! Action starts tonight at 6:30.
  • I’ll be back at Dock Street tonight at 8 PM.
  • Thursday, Taryn hosts at Deli at Dwell at 7 PM and Carl take the mic at Birra at 8 PM.
  • Friday, I will be at the Oval at 6 PM. An all new quiz, so even if you played earlier in the week, you are still welcome to play. Beers from Milkboy, quiz in the shade, family friendly, it’s a damn good time.
  • Saturday, we’re heading up to DC for the Philadelphia Phoenix’s first playoff game since 2013 (in case you didn’t know, I’m a minority investor in the team). If you’re looking for some fun, we’ve got a bus going down with food, booze, and tickets to the game provided. If you’re not going down, you can still watch the big game on TV…it’s airing live on FS2 at 7 PM.

Big week as we start getting into the swing of things after a lazy summer. Hope to see ya somewhere this week!

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