Quizzo This Week

Alright, a whole lot going down this week. It’s beer week, so we’ll have a beer round or two snuck in there. Our friends from Thin Man Brewing will be on hand at Founding Fathers on Tuesday night. I’ll be doing a beer week event Monday night at Love City outdoors at 7 that’s open to the public. I’ve got a private gig Wednesday and Carl and Taryn are outta town this week but we somehow are making it work. Here’s the deets.


Loco Pez (with Stevie B) 7 PM

Love City (with JGT) 7 PM


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street (with Jam Master Phil) 8 PM


Deli at Dwell 7 PM (with Erin H) 7 PM

Birra (with Stevie B) 8 PM

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