Quizzo This Week

Supporters for Sen. John McCain gather at Chuck E. Cheese’s on Powell Ave in east Portland Thursday night to hear the candidate accept the nomination of the Republican Party for the office of president of the United States. Lila Leathers-Fitz and Michael A. Fitz. LC- The Oregonian

Last week we learned that instead of Chuck E Cheese, founder Nolan Bushnell wanted to name his family entertainment center Rick Rats Pizza. His marketing team talked him out of it. Which reminds me: 13 years ago, Chip and I did a pizza review of the Chuck E Cheese that used to be on Columbus Boulevard. Anyways, here’s our lineup for this week.


  • Loco Pez 7 PM


  • Founding Fathers 8 PM


  • Dock Street 8 PM


  • Deli at Dwell 7 PM
  • Birra 8 PM

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