A first on Monday night as Carl was all set to fill in for me at Loco Pez…until he stepped in a pothole when he was a block away and sprained his ankle so badly he had to go to the hospital to have it X-rayed. We’ve never had a player miss a game due to injury…unless you count that January 2nd in like 2010 when my New Year’s hangover resulted in me not being able to get off of the couch and James Hesky needed to fill in at North Star. Anyways, Carl was able to hobble on crutches to the Founding Fathers last night to host there (I had a private gig at Chick’s). I will be back in action at Dock Street a 8 PM tonight (Wednesday). Taryn will be at Deli at Dwell on Thursday at 7, and Hopalong will host at Birra at 8 on Thursday. See ya this week!

Other News and Notes:

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