Let’s Party on Saturday Night

As you folks know, there’s nothing I love more than a side hustle, and whoa boy do I have one now! I’ve been working my ass off for the past year for no money and a whole lotta heartburn, but NOW is when it (hopefully) pays off*. The 2022 season starts this weekend, and we’ve got a whole lot of fun in store. Let’s be honest, this will be the only time in pro sports history a doofus like me will ever be allowed this close to the gears of power, so I’m going to take it for all it’s worth. But we gotta succeed this season for me to wield by PT Barnum-inspired powers in the future. And this season starts on Saturday.

And I thought we should open the season at a grocery store. Well technically, we open in Boston, our watch party will be at a grocery store. And not just ANY grocery store, the kickass Giant on 23rd and Arch. Have you been there yet? It’s insane. 40 beers on tap that you pour yourself, a Mission Taqueria, sushi, wine, and a spectacular terrace where we’ll be watching the game! The weather looks great and we’re gonna have a blast. We’ll have a projector screen set up, and I’ll be hosting a special trivia faceoff at halftime. If you’re gonna try to make it out, be sure to go to our event page on Facebook and RSVP. See ya Saturday!

***I’ll bore you with all of the details of the crazy past year later, but in the meantime, you should sign up for my Insider Email. You should also be sure to follow us on Instagram.

The new Giant food store in Center City, Philadelphia, has a terrace for diners. (Kimberly Paynter/WHYY)

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