The World’s Greatest Sort-of Super Bowl Trivia

You don’t need to be a football fan to have fun with this one. All of the following answers have an NFL team name in them. They may be singular, they may be spelled slightly differently or add a letter, but they’re all 32 of the NFL teams. If you enjoy it, I just ask that you buy a square in our Super Bowl Squares fundraiser for the South Philly Sharks. You can also take 30% off everything Eagles at Shibe tonight until midnight. Enjoy, and Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  1. Ryan Gosling and Hayden Panatierre were among the stars of this 2000 film.
  2. This 1999 Destiny’s Child song included the line, “And now you ask to use my car, drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank”?
  3. Hourglass, Dusky, and Spinner are all types of what?
  4. This is the 2nd most widely spoken language in India.
  5. She starred as Nicole Lee on Hangin’ With Mr Cooper.
  6. Billboard calls this the first “country rap” song.
  7. He announced every Final Four between 1975-2008.
  8. This Swedish one-hit wonder had a monster hit in 1997; 9 years after his half-sister had become a one hit wonder.
  9. He is the Arizona Cardinals backup QB.
  10. This English car manufacturer started in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company.
  11. His real name is Keith Cozart.
  12. This has been one of New Orleans’ most famous restaurants since 1893.
  13. Sir Henry Morgan is probably the most famous one of these.
  14. When Die Hard was aired on TV in the 1990s, the censors changed the words “Yippee Ki Yay, M****r F****r, to Yippee Ki Yay, _____________.”
  15. This 1980 film starred Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke.
  16. This group’s biggest hit was “Stuck in the Middle With You”?
  17. Mud, Blood, and Gold is a book about these people.
  18. He was the host of the show Man vs Wild.
  19. This team made its only Stanley Cup appearance in 1996.
  20. This bands breakout hit was the song “Chicken Fried”.
  21. Anker’s Power Point 3 is considered the best of these, according to the New York Times.
  22. This was the top grossing film of 1981.
  23. This band was founded in 1982 by John Flansburgh and John Linnell.
  24. This 1966 John Denver hit was covered by Peter, Paul, and Mary.
  25. This show ran on NBC from 1982-1988.
  26. This 1992 film starred Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones.
  27. This iconic song was originally recorded by a South African musician named Solomon Linda in 1939.
  28. This 1940 film starred Errol Flynn as an English privateer who defends England against the Spanish Armada.
  29. The 14th highest revenue generating company in America, this health care services company is has headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, and Dublin, Ireland.
  30. This pickup was introduced in 1980.
  31. Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, and Jamie Foxx are all these.
  32. This Amazon Prime show follows a character named Ragnar Lothbrok.


  1. Remember the Titans
  2. Bills, Bills, Bills
  3. Dolphins
  4. Bengali
  5. Raven Symone
  6. Cowboy
  7. Billy Packer
  8. Eagle Eye Cherry
  9. Colt McCoy
  10. Jaguar
  11. Chief Keef
  12. Commander’s Palace
  13. Buccaneer
  14. Mr. Falcon
  15. Bronco Billy
  16. Stealer’s Wheel
  17. 49ers
  18. Bear Grylls
  19. Florida Panthers
  20. Zac Brown Band
  21. Phone Charger
  22. Raiders of the Lost Arc
  23. They Might Be Giants
  24. Leaving on a Jet Plane
  25. Saint Elsewhere
  26. Patriot Games
  27. Lion Sleeps Tonight
  28. The Sea Hawk
  29. Cardinal Health
  30. Dodge Ram
  31. Texans
  32. Vikings

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