Super Bowl Squares for the South Philly Sharks

The Shibe Sports Super Bowl Squares for the South Philly Sharks (or SSSBSSPS for short) kick off today! A great way to both support our community and take a shot at terrific prizes while doing so. Here’s how it works:

You sign up here. It will give you the link to the signups. You fill out 1-3 random squares ($10 each). You then send your money to @jgtquizzo on venmo, $jgtquizzo on cashapp, or johnny at johnnygoodtimes dot com on paypal. Be sure to include “Sharks” in the note. Then you fill out a random box. There’s really no strategy here. Once we get 100 boxes filled, we pick numbers randomly. We’ll raise $1000 for the incredible South Philly Sharks program, and give some great Shibe prizes to the winner of each quarter. Want to learn more about the program we’re raising money for? Check out this interview I did with two of the men who run the program.

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