Carl With a Fall Brawl Update After Five Weeks

Fall Brawl II - Electric Quizaloo

With three weeks remaining in the regular season, the Fall Brawl 2021 playoff picture is beginning to take shape. Lots of familiar faces atop the six divisions: Smells Like Quarantine Spirit, DelCovid-19, Hallmark Hot, Boyz II Menehune, Cool Cats & Kittens, and Au Bon Pandemic– the latter two being our only undefeated teams with matching 5-0 records. You can check all of the standings here.

Plenty of surprises and twists further down the standings, however. Though they’ve been brought down to earth a bit since, Not Last Place defied all odds and self-identifiers by roaring to a 3-0 start, while recent tournament finalists Queefer Sutherland and Sofa Kingdom somehow remained winless through four weeks. Our least predictable team, Summer Sizzler runners-up Texas City Players Club, remain as unpredictable as ever, with scores ranging from 33 to 45. And thanks to the built-in chaos caused by head-to-head matchups and tiebreaker questions, perennial contenders like Lambda Lambda Lambda, L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics, and Little Kwings find themselves scraping for a wild card berth, while underdogs like Ukraine in the Membrane and upstarts like Quick Question find themselves in control of their own fate. With weeks 7 and 8 consisting mostly of divisional matchups, there could be a lot of late movement in the standings.

The common refrain among our 30 teams this season has been “Have these quizzes gotten harder?” and “Are you and Johnny angry at us?” Our response: Actually, yes! To the first question, I mean. Overall scores thus far have averaged below 40 for the first time in virtual quizzo league history, and there have only been 2 perfect scores of 52 (shout out to B2M for knowing their apples, and to the Cool Cats for knowing their Joan Jett). To put things in baseball terms – a topic you all very clearly enjoy more than anything else – you’re in the Big Leagues now, folks. This ain’t no Punch ‘n’ Judy show!

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