Let’s Raise Some Money for the South Philly Sharks!

We did it for the Super Bowl, and we’re doing it again for the Eagles Cowboys game on Monday night. The South Philly Sharks have been using football as a tool to empower young men in our city for almost 30 years now. Unlike sports leagues in the suburbs, sports leagues in the city are almost always cash strapped, and the Sharks are no exception. Let’s do our small part to help, and have some fun doing it. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go here and fill out a square (any square will do, we’ll pick the numbers randomly).
  2. Then send $10 to @jgtquizzo on venmo or johnny at johnnygoodtimes.com on paypal. That buys you a square (you can purchase up to 3).

Once we have all of the squares filled out, we’ll draw the numbers randomly. Then on Monday night, we’ll have a winner after each quarter. How does the contest work?

  • If the score after the first quarter is 14-7 Eagles, whoever has the 4 Eagles and the 7 Cowboys will be the winner.
  • Winners each quarter will receive an Eagles prize pack from Shibe Sports valued at $90. So pick a square, raise money for a great program, and have some skin in the game on Monday night.
  • 100% of the proceeds raised will go towards the South Philly Sharks.

Oh, and while i’ve got you here, a quick shoutout to our 30 teams playing in the Fall Brawl. With $25 of each team’s fee going towards charity, we raised $750 for the Poor People’s Army. The first $500 will go towards their ongoing effort to help Philadelphia’s homeless. The other $250 will go towards restocking the food pantry they run in which they give away free food to anyone who needs it. Thank you guys!

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