The Noid, The Swiss Cheese Pervert, and the Hamburgler; Together at Last

We just launched our latest Worthless Knowledge Podcast episode, and this is our best one yet. We welcomed Chip Chantry to the pod to discuss an answer from last week’s quiz: the Noid. We discussed the Domino’s phenomenon, why he was more dangerous than the Hamburgler, and then introduced Nat to the Swiss Cheese Pervert (figuratively). You can listen above on spotify, or here on itunes. If you enjoy it, subscribe. And if you REALLY wanna scores some brownie points, leave a review.

Also, check out some other fun podcasting going on with our crew:

  • J. Michael has a quite different podcast…the Mission Rejected podcast is a callback to old time radio serials. You can listen here.
  • We just started a regular Shibe Sports podcast, and our last interview was really interesting. We talked with David Barrett, who wrote the song One Shining Moment that plays after each NCAA tournament. Really interesting story of how the song came to be. Listen here.

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