Live Quizzo This Sunday

Alrighty, folks, we’re going to eaaaaaase into the “returning to real quizzo” thing this Sunday, with a quiz at Frankford Hall at 6 PM. We’ll have quite a few restrictions in place to keep things safe but still a chance for you and the friends in your social bubble to have some fun. Here’s how it will work:

First of all, the quiz is outdoors. (If you haven’t been to Frankford Hall before, it’s a large space and it’s almost entirely outdoors). Teams of up to 6 can play together. Those teams will be separated by 6 feet from all other teams. Anyone getting up to get a drink or going to the restroom will need to wear a mask. You’ll play the quiz on your phones through, so no exchanging of papers or pens, etc.

As for specials, they’re going to have $4 half liters and $8 liters of Weihenstephaner 1516. They’ll also have $6 currywurst with fries. (It’s a popular street food in Germany…it’s a curry spiced sausage.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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