Final Scores of Summer Slam

We had a great time with SUMMER SLAM! and we thank everyone who played. 35 teams, all of them trashing JGT in the chat room while praising Carl. Jerks. Our finals were an instant classic, as Smells Like Quarantine Spirit emerged with a thrilling overtime win over Boyz II Menehune. Lambda Lambda Lambda finished in 3rd, a single point behind the top two. Here are the final scores:

1Smells Like Quarentine Spirit127.00
2Boys II Menehune127.00
3Lambda Lambda Lambda126.00
4Underground Bard123.00
5Expired Walmart Meat123.00
6The Zodiac Killer$122.00
7The Jawns122.00
8Ukraine in the Membrane117.00
9Texas City Players Club117.00
10Cool Cats & Kittens117.00
11Au Bon Pandemic114.00
12L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics112.00
13Hallmark Hot110.00
14Hangin’ Tough109.00
16Careless Fister107.00
17Duane’s World106.00
18Synchronized Trampoline104.00
19Super Spreaders104.00
20Cark in a Whig103.00
21Quiz Yo102.00
22Internet Explorers102.00
23Pop Fit Studio98.00
24Branch Covidians98.00
25Queefer Sutherland95.00
26Mad Princes94.00
27Yacht Rock93.00
28Sofa Kingdom91.00
29Little Kwings89.00
30Below Basic88.00
31The Missing Heads85.00
32Meat Sweats83.00
33Kings of Leon82.00
34Babysitters Fight Club74.00
35Drunk Parents63.00

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