Leisure Week

Too much work at quizzo last week, so we had to get back to, as my son calls it, “brelaxin'”. Questions about amusement parks, lakes, beaches, hiking, playing cards, etc. But don’t let the name fool you, this week’s quiz will be no pleasure cruise. We’re up to the sixth week of the tourney, so time for us to tighten up the questions a bit. See ya this week!

Top Scores for Leisure Week

Au Bon Pandemic50Week 5
Boyz II Menehune50Week 5
Smells Like Quarantine Spirit50Week 5
The Jawns50Week 5
Cool Cats & Kittens49Week 5
Expired Walmart Meat48Week 5
Sweet Hats48Week 5
DelCovid-1947Week 5
Super Spreaders47Week 5
Texas City Players Club47Week 5