The Full Playoff Picture

Things are pretty damn interesting as we head into Week 3 of our tourney. (You can view the full standings here.) Tiebreakers are done by total points. This does NOT account for our four wild card slots. Let’s go pool by pool and see what our playoff picture looks like:

GROUP A: We’ve got a hell of a matchup right out of the gate, with Three time Quizzo Bowl champs, the Cracked Eggheads, going up against the Cinderellas of April Madness, the Tiger Queens. Both are 1-1. Pretty simple: winner advances to Serie A tourney, losing team plays in the Serie B tourney. The Mad Princes are in the Serie A tourney already and the Texas City Players Club is in the B tourney.

GROUP B: This one is way more complicated. 1team1dream, after a heartbreaking OT loss last week, has to face off with the 2-0 Au Bon Pandemic. If Au Bon Pandemic wins and Internet Explorer wins vs Testes Factory, ABP and the Explorers advance. However, if 1Team wins and Testes Factory wins, then 1Team and ABP advance. If 1Team and the Explorers both win, then we’ll have a 3-way tie for first and the two teams that have scored the most points advance. Which will be interesting, because 1Team1Dream and Explorer both have scored 70 points through two weeks. Au Bon Pandemic has 81, so they’re almost certainly going to the Big Dance. FINALLY, believe it or not Testes Factory has a very small chance of advancing. If they, OK who are we kidding, they really have no chance.

GROUP C: Things just got MUCH simpler. The Zodiac Killer and the Queso Regionale are advancing. They play this week to determine who will be a 1 seed. The Axis of Evil Knieval were a team the oddsmakers liked who broke a lot of hearts with last week’s loss.

GROUP D: One of our two Groups of Death, it’s the only Group where all four teams have scored 79 or more points through two weeks. April Madness champs the Social Distance Warriors are up against There’s No I in Quizzo. If the SDW wins and Duane’s World wins over El Tigre, Duane’s World moves on. If There’s No I wins and Duane’s World wins, we’ll have a three way tie for 1st and it will come down to points. If SDW wins and El Tigre wins, then SDW advances and we’ll have a three way tie for 2nd, which will come down to points. I suspect we’ll have at least one wild card slot come out of this pool.

GROUP E: This is a damn good pool, with the top three teams separated by a grand total of 1 point. Pretty simple: Expired Walmart Meat is in. The other spot will go to whomever wins the Careless Fister vs Lamination Station contest.

GROUP F: Boyz II Menehune and Yacht Rock are in. They play each other this week to determine which will be the #1 seed.

GROUP G: I Shaved My Legs for This is in. The winner of Super Spreaders vs Is Quarantine Over will be the other team to advance to Serie A.

GROUP H: DelCovid-19 is in. The winner of Underground Bard vs Divine Order of the Grease Pole will advance as well.

GROUP I: Shout out to Group I, one of only two groups to have ALL of their logos done. If Pearls of Wisdom defeats Not Last Place (who are, indeed, in last place) and Covideo Killed the Radio Quiz beats Quiz Yo, then PoW and Covideo will advance. However, if PoW wins and QuizYo wins, then we’ll have a 3-way tie for first determined by total points. If Not Last Place defeats Pearls of Wisdom and Covideo defeats QuizYo, then we’ll have a three way tie for 2nd determined by total points. Got that? Me either.

GROUP J: Branch Covidians are in. Other slot will be determined by the winner of Missing Heads vs Together Alone.

GROUP K: Missing Wuhan Scientists are in. Winner of three time Quizzo Bowl champs Lambda vs. Covid’s Metamorpheses will get the other slot.

GROUP L: The other group of death, this is, rather remarkably, the only Group where all the teams are 1 and 1. So the winner of our two games, In the Lead vs Queefer Sutherland and Ukraine in the Membrane vs L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics, will advance.

GROUP M: Could Sofa Kingdom not finish top 2 in their pool, despite being the second highest scoring team in the entire tournament? They certainly could. If they lose their matchup with Pop Fit Studio, they’re done (though they’ll likely still get a wild card slot). Cool Cats and Kittens are in.

GROUP N: Sweet Hats and Babysitters Fight Club are both in. Synchronized Trampoline, first runners up in April Madness, won’t be making the Serie A tourney.

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