Updated Scores

Alright, some things starting to crystallize after two nights of quizzo. Congrats to the Jams, the first ever official winners in the tourney (and to the Testes Factory, the first ever official losers!). The Jams will have their work cut out for them in Round Two, as they take on the best team in the tourney, Boyz II Menehune. But Phil of the Jams is a quizzo legend and a former Quizzo Bowl champ. If you’re the Boyz, you’re not getting to face a cupcake in your first game.

Vaughn Hebron also marched past Alone Together and will now take on the Zodiac Killer. A promising matchup between two extremely experienced teams.

Lots of games on the line tonight. Below Basic tries to pull the upset over Queefer Sutherland, the Tiger Queens try to knock off an FFSF team that disappointed with only a 32, and the Tuesday Night Quizzo Club and the Quarintiners go head to head. There’s no I in COVID tries to sneak past the Meat Sweats score of 30, Not Last Place needs to score 39 to surpass Chasing Olive, and Socially Distant needs 37 to sneak past OK Doomers. Good look to all of tonight’s teams!

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