Can We Talk About Wrestlicious for a Second?

As I told several teams this week, I stumbled down a wormhole of awesomeness this past week. The TV was on on this past Sunday with nobody really watching it. Some awful rerun was on called “Lottery Changed My Life”. Mostly just morons talking about how they spent their lottery winnings on a car or some dull shit. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, it took a turn. A 19 year old named Jonathan Vargas won $35 million in a Powerball lottery in 2008. But unlike the other bozos who all bought cars and McMansions and other boring shit, Jonathan decided to blow his cash on something entirely different: a female wrestling league. It was a terrible investment, and an even worse product. The rap promo above was almost certainly the worst rap song ever recorded (other than pretty everything that Post Malone has ever done.) The production quality made GLOW look like Les Miserables. Vargas became a “character” in his own production: JV Rich, who in various skits regularly had the Wrestlicious girls hanging out with him at his mansion. In other words: HE DID EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITH THE MONEY IF I HAD WON THE LOTTERY AT AGE 19. The league lasted one year, and after that and a couple of other bad investments, JV Rich was flat broke. But who cares. In 100 years, nobody will care about a car or a mansion, but Wrestlicious is FOREVER. Shout out to JV Rich! If you want a more complete history of the league, this video is well worth 10 minutes.

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