Virtual Quizzo Sign Ups for This Week

Hey gang, you are now able to sign up for this weeks quizzes. Pretty simple: go to this sign up sheet, put your team name, captain’s name, and email in the time slot you want your team to play. It’s a $25 entry fee per team, and the money can go to @jgtquizzo on venmo or johnny@johnnygoodtimes dot com on Paypal. Once you’re paid, your team is locked in for that time.

Each quiz lasts about 30 minutes. They are all done through Zoom, so your team does NOT need to be in the same location to play. You don’t have to even be in Philly to play…we had a player last week in Oregon. We did it last week and it was a ton of fun and a great way for teams to hang out…several of the teams that played last week have already signed up for this week’s quiz. Team size that I highly recommend is 5 players (though you can go up to 8). There are spaces open for both Carl and myself, so plenty of chances to play this week.

Hope to see ya this week!

UPDATE: Slots filled up extremely quickly, so I’ve added Philly comedian Chip Chantry to the team, opening up 9 more slots if your team is still trying to join in. He’s on the spreadsheet!

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