Thursday Update

Hey gang, just a quick update. As of now, we are still on for the Bards and Birra tonight. We are canceling the Pop a Shot Tourney on Sunday. We are postponing Bowlizzo until things become a bit more stable. There are no cancellations of quizzo for next week as of yet but I won’t be surprised if that changes. I think social distancing is going to be pretty big (and pretty important) over the next week.

I know this is scary for many of you. It is for me too. It is new and bizarre to have so many things shutting down at once. But keep in mind that it’s a good thing. By not having huge numbers of people congregate in small spaces, we are slowing the transmission of the virus. We are buying time for our health system to prepare for this. We are buying time for the extremely smart people working TIRELESSLY to get out ahead of this thing. Keep in mind also that those of us who are lucky enough to not have pre-exiting conditions or who are not elderly are almost certainly going to be fine, even if we catch it. This ain’t the Spanish flu, so even if you get it, don’t panic. But let’s also do our best to convince our older friends and relatives to stay home, no matter what.

After a really bad breakup, I had a buddy say to me: “You just gotta accept that things are going to suck for awhile. Don’t try to pretend that they’re better than they are, don’t try to trick yourself into thinking you’re having a great day when you’re not. You just have to accept that it’s going to suck.” I think we all need to do that. Let’s do our best to accept that it’s going to suck for awhile. But let’s also not give into panic, not give into fearmongering, and not drive ourselves crazy on twitter.

Bonus: I read this earlier today and thought it was terrific. Highly recommend it.

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