The Friday Five


Took my kid to iFly in King of Prussia. Awesome! Just unreal seeing your kid flying.

WHAT I’M READING: This article on “shit-life syndrome” and how the Dems are completely oblivious to it. Desperate people want answers to their problems, they could give a shit about Russia or the Ukraine or any of the things that twitter obsesses over on any given day. The Dems (other than Bernie) continue to base their campaign on assuaging the hurt feelings of middle class coastal whites while ignoring people who need help.

Shit-life syndrome is not another fictitious illness conjured up by the psychiatric-pharmaceutical industrial complex to sell psychotropic drugs. It is a reality created by corporatist rulers and their lackey politicians—pretending to care about their minimum-wage-slave constituents, who are trying to survive on 99¢ boxed macaroni and cheese prepared in carcinogenic water, courtesy of DuPont or some other such low-life leviathan.

The thing that the article gets wrong is that Bernie fans gave up on him because he backed Clinton in 2016. That’s absurd. Nobody but the most radical leftists dropped off the Bernie train because he did that.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Some of the hottest rappers out right now (not including pop mumble bullshit) are from, of all places, Buffalo. Griselda is a group and a record company that was signed by Eminem’s Shady records. As Stereogum says: This music is firmly and proudly out of step with right-now rap music. Reminds me quite a bit of 90s era Wu Tang, and this video was directed by another 90s legend, Hype Williams. NSFW. I also really dig this song they did with the legendary DJ Premier.


Two places: Loco Pez recently opened in my hood at 20th and Bainbridge. Good food, good drink, and love the interior. They also have a great happy hour deal: half off nachos, and they’ve got damn good nachos…even better, that happy hour extends to the weekend, as they have a 1 to 3 pm happy hour on weekends. Also, Banh Mi Cali on the corner or 9th and Arch. No frills, no thrills, just a damn good banh mi.


Did one for the Phillies front office in the Diamond Club at CBP. Pretty sweet. If you dig the Friday Five, be sure to follow me on twitter. Thanks!

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