Update on Toy Drive

Hey gang, just made the toy drive spreadsheet a lot easier to use. I have included links to all of the toys, so that all you have to do is write down your name, click on the link, order the toy and get it shipped to the address below. It will literally take less than 20 seconds and will make a child’s Christmas. As of now, things are moving slower than past years, and if more people don’t step up, over 45 kids won’t get toys this Christmas, which would just be heartbreaking.

Most of the toys left are in the $10-$25 range. Once you purchase them, just have them shipped to:


1505 W. Allegheny Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19132

Amazon does the shipping! All you have to do is put in the address. They don’t need to be wrapped, nothing. All you have to do is buy one. If you would prefer to buy something locally and drop it off, you are welcome to. Just drop your toy off at Shibe Sports at 13th and Walnut. And finally, if you’d prefer to donate money and let me get the toys, that’s fine too. You can either give me the money at quizzo or send the money to johnny@johnnygoodtimes dot com on PayPal and write “Toys” in the subject box. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

One thought on “Update on Toy Drive

  1. Yo. We are late to the party here and it looks like your people stepped up and selfishly (ha ha) accounted for everything on your list. Can anything still be done? Thanks. Todd & Lil.

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