Seinfeld Guest Stars

With our big Festivus party coming up on the 23rd, I thought I’d post some rounds from some past Seinfeld quizzes. Answers are below.

Seinfeld Guest stars

1. Who played “Dentist to the Stars” Tim Whatley?

2. Peter Krause and Lauren Graham both appeared on the show. Later they starred together on what critically acclaimed but little viewed drama?

3. What actresses boobs were real…and they’re spectacular?

4. Before starring on Entourage, he played George in the Pilot. Who was he?

5. Before starring in The Shield and the Fantastic Four, he starred as Mr Pocadillo, who lived way out on Long Island.

6. Before he wrote and starred in a cult classic mid 90s film, he appeared as Eric the Clown on Seinfeld. 

7. Just a few months after appearing on the famous episode The Yada Yada as a closet racist, she starred in her own incredibly popular sitcom. Who was she, and what was the sitcom?

8. Who starred as Meryl, Jerry’s faux wife?


  1. Bryan Cranston
  2. Parenthood
  3. Teri Hatcher
  4. Jeremy Piven
  5. Michael Chiklis
  6. Jon Favreau
  7. Debra Messing, Will and Grace
  8. Courtney Cox

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