The Friday 5

As you may have noticed, I’m back to “blogging”. Got my WordPress updated and now it’s so much more fun to write on here, gonna make the most of it. Here’s a few things I’m reading, listening to, enjoying.

  • Speaking of Kensington, our latest podcast episode, with total badass Cheri Honkala of Kenzo, just came out. Find out why she’s sick of people complaining about Trump, what it was like running as the Green Party’s VP in 2012, and what life is really like at the frontlines of the opioid crisis.
  • Been listening to Ka lately. He’s a firefighter in New York who used to be a drug dealer, and just a tremendous poet. No glorification of that life, just a stark retelling of his younger days. The beats are sparse to give the spotlight to his rhymes, and he definitely does not disappoint. This whole song deals with his love of money versus his conscience. Love guys who can paint a picture like this:

Used to chip it at the lab

Bag, then flip it on the ave

Every trip I’m like “This one is the last.”

Two weeks later, I’m dipping in my stash

Back to the crill again, feelin’ thin

If you doin’ it to eat is it still a sin?

Used to feel bad, but then in a short time,

It’s like “Fuck your family, somebody got rich off mine.”

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