Curtain Call Tonight at Industry

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Dunno if you folks heard the sad news, but Industry is calling it quits after 5 1/2 years. I’ve been hosting there most of that time, and it’s been a total pleasure. Much of the staff has been there the whole time as well, so I’m gonna miss the hell out of Anna and Riley and the whole rest of the crew. And as some of you old timers know, my relationship with Dave and Lisa goes back almost 15  years, since the Good Dog opened. It goes without saying that I love working with those guys and am bummed that the band is breaking up, but I will undoubtedly be spending my fair share of time in the coming years hanging out in Good Dog.

As for what does this mean for quizzo, well I just found out two days ago so I haven’t had much time to figure out a game plan. If I had contingency plans for this kind of thing, I wouldn’t be much of a “man of leisure”, now would I?  I’m not gonna sweat it too much until we get through the holidays, but I’ll start snooping around a bit. I already had a couple of spots that I thought were interesting that had reached out to me recently, so I’ll check with them. We’ll have a new spot locked down in January or February. As for Industry regulars, after tonight, I’d say your best two options in terms of what’s somewhat nearby would be O’Neals and Birra. 

We’ll have one last chance to all hang out together, tonight at 6:30, for the holiday spectacular. Hope you’ll join us.


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