Quizzo Tonight

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Hey gang, just a heads up about tonight’s quizzes:

Quiz at the Industry at 6:30 is a 100% go. $3 beers, great happy hour specials until 7, terrific food, Name That Tune, and a GREAT opportunity to get a win. Totally wide open.

On to Birra at 8. As of now, we’re on, but with the Birds game coming on, we’ll play it by ear. If we get a decent crowd out for the quiz, we’ll do it. If not, we’ll come back next week. Bards at 9:15 is also a GO for tonight. Hard to know what to expect. If it’s a rabid Eagles following that will lose their shit if they turn off the audio, we may can it, but it’s not a huge sports bar so I think it will be OK. Either way, if you’re looking for GUARANTEED action tonight, I’d go with the Industry.

As for the shirt above, before there were the Eagles, there were the Frankford Yellow Jackets. Philly’s first NFL team played in the Northeast and actually won the 1926 NFL title. If you’re interested in the shirt, click here, and as always, you get free shipping with the checkout code “Quizzo”.

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