JGTAI Initial Scores Released!


After three weeks of the JGTAI, here are our scores. Still a lot of time left to get on that scoreboard, but I wouldn’t waste much of it. Here’s how we look at each bar:

SIDECAR: Double Stuffed Oreo has been the best team so far, but there is certainly room for other teams to make a run.

O’NEALS: Jawn of the Dead and Hooter and Chuff have been slugging it out at the top, with Jerk and a Squirt building up some points through Facebook challenges.

CITY TAP HOUSE: Wide slam open. It’s absolutely anybody’s ballgame…and a $100 gift card on the line.

LOCUST RENDEZVOUS: Hurricane Nancy has been wreaking mayhem, destroying everything in its path. Will this continue, or will perennial powerhouses Synch Tramp and #1 Team Competitor step their games up?

FOUNDING FATHERS: Duane’s World has been completely dominant lately. Want to get your name on the quizzo map? Come to FF and knock those guys off.

INDUSTRY: Governor Quiz Quiztie has been solid so far this season, with 2 wins and a 3rd, but there’s still plenty of opportunity here.

BIRRA: Different top 3 finishers pretty much every week. Just wide slam open.

BARDS: Things have started to pick up now that kids are back in school, but no one team has really separated themselves from the pack yet.

Hope to see ya this week!

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