The Invitational

Spring Invitational 2017

Hey folks, here’s what you need to know about the event today:

TIME: 5:30 p.m.

PLACE: City Tap House, 39th and Walnut. We’ll be seated outdoors. We do have an overflow crowd (we had a lot of wild card teams get in this week!), so we may be packed in kinda tight, and might have a team or two down at picnic tables. There’s more room inside but it’s gonna be an awesome day so I want to be sure we’re outdoors if at all possible.

ENTRY FEE: $10 per person.

BAND: Whiskeyhickon Boys

SPECIALS: $5 Select Beers, $6 Select Wines, and $7 Select Specialty Cocktails.


  • Shamans Be Good (City Tap House)
  • Duane’s World (Founding Fathers)
  • Motor City (Sidecar)
  • CGA (Bards)
  • Jacobites for Destruction (Rendezvous)
  • Synchronized Trampoline (Vous)
  • Tempura House (Vous)
  • Jerk and a Squirt (O’Neals)
  • Governor Quiz Quiztie (Industry)
  • There’s No I in Quizzo (Sidecar)
  • Go Ninja Go (Sidecar)
  • Cure For What Ailes You (Industry) 
  • Must Love Pogs (Bards)
  • #FakeJews (Birra)
  • Rumble Ponies (Rendezvous)
  • 21 to Drink (Founding Fathers)

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