JGTSpI Scores and Other Quizzo News and Notes

Spring Invitational 2017

First of all, week 1 of the Invitational is now in the books  and here are the scores. We laughed, we cried, we quizzed, and after one week Motor City of Brotherly Love held a one point lead over Synchronized Trampoline, thanks to both of them taking advantage of their Facebook points.

Speaking of the Motor City of Brotherly Love, they’ve been playing at Sidecar with Michael on Skype, which has raised a few eyebrows. My rules on this are pretty simple: if you’ve played pretty much every single week for like the last 4 years, and one of your players has to get leg surgery that means that he can’t physically leave the house for a few weeks, and I’ve known you guys long enough to know that you don’t cheat, and the only reason for you to even get up in the morning is the knowledge that he still has a vital place on his beloved quizzo team, then god damnit you can play via Skype.

A few other notes: look at those scores at Industry! Damn! If you and your team want the ego boost and 5 JGTSpI points that come with a victory, that is your place to play! It goes down Thursday at 6:30.

The Big Event will be held on May 21st at City Tap House. Why the Tap House? Because we’re gonna do it outdoors (weather permitting.) More details as we get closer to the date but in the meantime, put it down in your calendars.

There is a new Facebook challenge on the FB page. Remember that highest scoring team this season will get a bonus prize, so be sure to score points by any means possible. Schedule is on as normal this week.


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